What would it be like to live your life like you were on a perpetual vacation?  I am not talking about lying on the beach all day long.  But I am suggesting waking up each day excited to play enjoying all that is on your plate.  There are people who have every imaginable material possession in the world, and they are still unhappy.  There are people who love their work, and those who hate their jobs.  Life is made up of choices, and we are all equal in the fact that we can create our lives anyway we see fit.  So why not create your ideal vision for your life, based on a lifestyle that felt wonderful, playful, fun, balanced, relaxing and rewarding?

My sister recently reminded me of a conversation we had at Christmas a couple years ago at her large country home in Iowa.  We had spent the day shopping, and she was stuffing the things she had bought in her “hobby” room, which was jammed packed already.  I asked her, “When do you plan to bring these things out and use them?”  Laughing, she said, “They will probably get lost in here forever.”  I was reminded of several women who told me their closets were loaded with clothes which still had all the price tags on them.  I thought about this before reflecting back to her, “You know, I bet you wouldn’t shop so much if you really loved your job.”  It took several weeks for it to sink in, but later she called to say it was true—the source of her frustration over a job she disliked was causing her to over-shop, yet gave her little pleasure so soon to be forgotten. She was not living her vacation lifestyle.  Where do you begin?

First “Clean your brushes,” as they say in the acting community.  Clear out, clean up what no longer serves you in your life—old habits, old clutter, old thoughts, old worn-out limiting beliefs.  Make room for some fun!  Make room for your new lifestyle.   As nature abhors a vacuum, when we release the old, useless aspects of life, we create space for fresh, new and exciting adventures to unfold.

Create your Ideal Vision for your life.

Design your new life from a fresh perspective and new point of view.  If nothing stopped you, what would be possible?  Don’t go for what you think you can get or what seems safe.  Where do you want to be in 5 years, 10, 20?  What do you want your relationship to be like in 5 years?  What vision do you have for your family? Write out a one-page ideal vision.  Once you create your ideal lifestyle, then you can build your business to support it.  As Apprentice tycoon, Donald Trump advises, “You have to think anyway, so why not think big?”

Build Your Business to Support Your Vacation Lifestyle.

Want freedom?  Then learn to automate your business so it is working for you 24/7 while you are busy living your vacation lifestyle.  If you own your own business, automation is essential to creating your vacation lifestyle.  If you are in business for yourself, and we all are, then this is the number one secret to freeing up your lifestyle while creating a lucrative income.  Since business is marketing and marketing is business, automate your marketing.  Decide now to master marketing.  Figure out what you are worth per hour, and then get an assistant to handle the majority of things that cost less than what you would pay yourself hourly.

Design your Goals to match this Vision.

Goals are targets for your phenomenal life.  Set clear targets.  Make them big.  Make them bright.  Your desires are the clues to your destiny!   Create your bucket list of desires to fulfill.  Ok, just stick to one year goals at first if it seems overwhelming to see that far down the road.  Remember this is vacation lifestyle goals, so make them exciting and juicy.

Pre-Pave Your Phenomenal Day.

It is possible to pre-pave your day by setting clear intentions of how you would like your vacation lifestyle day to unfold.  Before you end each day, make a list of the top six most important things you need to do the next day.  Take a few extra minutes each morning before jumping out of bed and ask yourself, “What grand and glorious experiences can I have today?” You will soon notice that your priorities are aligning better with your ideal day and vacation lifestyle.  If walking on the beach every day would bring you pleasure, then figure out the best time and do it.  Author, Carlos Castaneda wrote, “We either make ourselves happy or miserable.  The amount of work is the same.”

Some Tips For Designing Your Phenomenal Day:

Ask yourself, If I could create my Phenomenal day anyway I wanted it, how would it look today?

Many people start their own businesses or become Entrepreneurs to enjoy more freedom and create their Ideal Lives, only to find themselves becoming a slave to their business.  Create your business to serve YOU!

  1. Work out at the best time for you—am, noon, evening.  Choose to wake your body up!
  2. Design your life to not wake up to an alarm clock.
  3. Do work you love, and you will never work again in your life—make your vocation your vacation.
  4. Enjoy quality lunch time—stop, rejuvenate vs. on the run.
  5. Cut back on multi-tasking.
  6. Be in the present moment. Acknowledge the gift each present moment is.
  7. Walk barefoot in the grass or on the beach feeling the sand between your toes.
  8. Stop to watch the sunset, or wake for the sunrise.
  9. Pause in the middle of your day for a 15 minute nap, meditation, or brain-break—it will do wonders to clear your perspective!
  10. Turn off your cell phone in the presence of your loved ones—be present!
  11. Realize you can’t get it all done, you can’t get it wrong, and at the end of your life all that matters most is the quality of your experiences—not the quantity.
  12. Stop to help someone in need.
  13. Slow down to smell the flowers—in your own back yard!
  14. How does it get any better than this, and what else is possible?

A few of my favorite quotes to ponder:

…”High-Paid, High-Demand Entrepreneur”…

Carolyn McCormick

Your Success Coach. . . for Life!

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