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Q: I have felt all stirred up after your teleclass the other day, and have felt so many more emotions of anger, frustration, sadness.  And yet I find myself not being able to say either yes or no to moving forward.  Can you explain this?

A: Wow, I hear you.  When I was first introduced to this rapid process for clearing away the limitations that my mind is so experienced at fixating on, I found my mind going a thousand miles an hour saying things like, “Yes but, what about this and what about that and we can’t change all this, You’ve tried over and over for years, you’re angry and frustrated that things haven’t changed. . . . blah, blah, blah.”

A wise person said, “For Things To Change, I Must Change!”  Most people want things to be different in their life, but they don’t choose to change.  That is the definition of insanity.  For many, it is easier to accept ‘the hell of what is’ rather then stepping into the ‘heaven of possibility’ as that requires stepping into unknown territory.

It takes courage to choose to change.  I takes courage to step up and BE the person that demands, “For things to change, I must change!”

What if the frustration and sadness you are feeling is a sign you are on the verge of a breakthrough?Could it be that you desire change, and you have not yet demanded of yourself that you MUST CHOOSE to change and change it now.

Fear often says, “I’ll choose once I know how it’s going to turn out.”  The Universe does not operate this way.  Does the rose say, I’ll wait to see what color my flowers are before I will bloom?”  No, it chooses to bloom and the mystery is revealed.  That my sweet friend is how it works.

What choice will you make?  Choice creates.  When we truly choose to have a different life and business, then and only then will the Universe step in and begin unfolding the “how” of it all by inspiring with new ideas, new opportunities and resources.  But we must first CHOOSE.

What if you demanded of yourself to change things even if you don’t know how that will look right now?   And what if the how began to reveal itself to you during the upcoming 6 Week Teleclass as we continue to “Clear the decks, make new choices and pull in new & delicious opportunities into your life and business?”  That is the target of this program.