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What Would It Take To Have Your Business Sizzle with Clients, Exciting Opportunities, and More Fun?

When most people call me for coaching to grow their business, they usually say, “I need your help to develop my marketing plan.” What they are really saying is, “I want to reach more people and generate more revenues in my business.”

Here are 3 Tips to Reach More People & Generate More Revenues:

1.  Marketing Begins From The Inside-Out!
In order to reach more people we must first inspire them.  That seems to be a mystery to many people.  How do I inspire them?  Start with, “What inspires you? What do you love about YOU & your business?  When you are inspired from within,others are drawn to you and are curious about what you do.  The last four letters of the word Enthusiasm stands for “I Am Sold Myself.”  What lights you up?  Be that first in your business, and then when you add a few key marketing strategies, watch your business start to sizzle.

2.  Showcase Your Strengths.
Each of us have a history, full of past experiences that have shaped who we are.  Inside every challenge is a potent strength ready to inspire others as you share your story of overcoming challenges and defeat.  Many a gifted person who comes to me for coaching has been hiding their past focusing more on what was wrong about it, rather than focusing on what is strong about YOU.  Be your strength, share your story and be ready for more and more people to be inspired by YOU!

3.  Discover The Big Problem You Solve and Build Your Platform on this.
Most of our gifts have been born from our challenges.  What is the biggest problem you have solved in your own life?  What if that is your ticket to building the business of your dreams?  When you can solve a big problem for people, they are willing to spend time and money with you.  

My friend Tony Robbins life was changed dramatically one Thanksgiving when he was about 15.  They had little food for the family and some kind stranger knocked on the door with a Thanksgiving food basket.  Tony’s mom refused it at first.  The man turned to Tony and said, “Son take this, and all I ask is that someday you reach out and help someone in need.”  Tony has helped millions through his inspiration and service.

If you would like to learn how to apply these 3 powerful steps (and more) in your business, check out my 6 Week Teleclass:  “Be In-Demand, Highly Paid & Making A Big Difference YOU, You’re Meant To Be!”