Looking for a way to get started?? Need that first push of energy to help you take the leap? Here is your answer:

Participate in a teleclass this Wednesday (6/20/12).  This will be the kickoff teleclass for Carolyn’s newest 6 week coaching series.  Theme: “5 Blocks Stopping You From A Being Highly-Visible, Highly Paid Expert with Ease & Joy. . . and how to Clear Them!” 

Sign-up today and generate your phenomenal business & life now and in the future! 


Teleclasses are similar to conference calls and are conducted over the telephone. They are an excellent way to take part in live learning.  They can connect those who participate, promoting entrepreneurial interaction!  Not only will those who participate in a teleclass with Carolyn, but also with others who take advantage of her classes.  These classes, while short and sweet, can change your life and your future dramatically! Don’t delay, take the leap and get this show on the road!


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