Six Week Teleclass Sign-Up – ROUND 2!


“Be In-Demand, Highly Paid & Making a Difference” A six week continuation of the amazing work we have done so far!

Class #1 of ROUND 2 will begin on Tuesday, September 18, 2012 with class #2 on Tuesday 9/25 and class #3 on Tuesday 10/2.  Classes #4, 5 & 6 dates are TBD. Going to be out of the house one night? Not to worry, all classes will be posted online for you to listen to afterwards!

What’s the plan you ask??

The second series of this 6 week teleclass will be completely catered and customized to your specific needs.  Therefore, any questions, concerns or comments that you would like addressed are encouraged and should be sent via email.  Together we can continue working towards break through and you being the “In Demand, Highly Paid, Making a Difference YOU you’re meant to be”.

With choice and money as our main focal points in this next round, here is a list of items we will continue to master as we go along.

1. Understanding the difference between living in
Question, Choice, Possibility and Contribution vs.
the world of emotions, thoughts, beliefs which all bring
more struggle, effort, and less joy and ease.

2. Continue forward on Why Money is Never the Problem–
You Are! (2 sessions and maybe 3 on this topic so you can
erase old paradigms forever!)

3. Continue letting go of Judgment of YOU which cut
off money, joy and ease.

4. What could you really choose if you really GOT just how
Potent YOU really Are? ( And WHY you haven’t chosen that in the past)

This 6 week tele-series is yours for $197 when you sign up before the program begins.
Once this program starts, the investment will be $297.

Come play with us today by registering here. Life will never be the same again.


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